Kids Wallpaper

Kids Wallpaper

By their very nature, children are imaginative, creative and full of life, so it makes perfect sense that their bedroom or playroom should be a room filled with vibrant colour and energy. From scenes of animals in the wild, and prehistoric adventures with dinosaurs, to their favourite sports or journeys through space, now it is easier than ever to transform your child’s bedroom into a playful environment beyond their wildest dreams with our children’s wallpaper murals.

Through one of our spectacular children’s wall murals, you can create something truly unique that your little boy or girl will love for years to come. No matter what they enjoy, you’ll find a kids wall mural to suit them here. They are the perfect addition to any bedroom, playroom or nursery as each one features bright colours and exciting scenes that will encourage their imagination to run wild.

Every single one of our kids wallpaper murals, whether it features a fairy tale castle, their favourite video game characters, pirates or a princess castle is created using only the highest quality, crystal clear images. If you can’t find the perfect children’s wallpaper from our range below, head to our image database here to choose a picture that they will truly adore.

Wallpaper Installation has always been a bit more adult, but we are turning more and more of our attention towards making wallpaper specific to younger tastes with a bit of adult curating. Some of the patterns included here are standard Flavors that have been used in children’s rooms repeatedly and therefore lean that direction, not that they aren’t fully adult approved as well.

Because you can freely interchange any of our ink or ground colors you can always twist any pattern to work in a more playful colorway. Any and all of our Geometric or Floral patterns work well also.