Wallpaper in the lobby in New York City | Modern - Classic - Colorful

Wallpaper in the lobby in New York City
Wallpaper in the lobby in New York City 

Wallpaper in the lobby can help to create a cozy, majestic or just casual space. Remember that it is the first place in the house that visitors appreciate where they leave their hats, umbrellas or jackets. So take advantage of this place so that from the beginning your house makes an excellent impression on everyone who arrives.

For those who do not know it, a foyer is a small space located at the entrance of residences and places such as cinemas or theaters, with elements such as coat racks, umbrellas or other related elements. 

A fresh, colorful, classic or modern style is appealing to everyone who uses it and motivates them to walk through the rest of the space. It is like the cover letter for everything else. letter of introduction for everything else.

Recommendations about Wallpaper in the lobby

When deciding to renovate this place consider certain aspects:

Temperature, humidity and the way it is used. In some homes, the foyer area is enclosed with a second door that prevents outside air from letting heat out or cold air in. 

If the foyer experiences wide variations in temperature or humidity, you'll want to avoid fabric wall coverings such as velvet, raw silks or yarn fabric. Instead, choose more durable foyer wallpapers such as latex or vinyl, or even paintable wall coverings suitable for occasional refreshing or re-coloring. 

Foyers that will accommodate wet shoes, jackets or umbrellas are best served with washable wall coverings that resist moisture and will stay in place even in changing weather.


Foyer wallpaper installation experts

Wallpaper Installation, New York's preferred company for renovating residential and commercial spaces, especially as it applies to wallpaper. Our specialty focuses on projects with this fascinating material that many ignore because they are unaware of the great results achieved by its application.

We have more than 12 years of experience cultivating successful projects in interior and exterior design. It is no wonder we are in the position we are in today.

We put our heart into every project required. At the end of the day it's not just a job; it's a passion. We are fully available with a friendly team that will solve all the doubts you may have. 

We are known for having constant training and testing of each team member to make sure that your home or business premises is attended only by the experts according to your renovation needs. This way you will have what you are looking for in less time.

We have state of the art tools to deliver superior results. superior results. We also work with the best brands in the market. This way you can rest assured that your decorative plan will last over time.

Finally, don't worry about incomplete jobs or extra costs. We are accredited with the required permits to operate in our work with the seal of quality and seriousness that characterizes every legal company.

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