Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wallpaper Repair

Wallpaper Installation is a master of WallPaper Repair

Do you have a section of room wallpaper that has a curling corner and it’s about to drive you around the bend? How about a couple of stubborn wallpaper seams that refuse to stay attached to the wall and it’s ruining your room’s decor’?
These are two of the most common wallpaper repair problems, and the good news is they are both easy projects for the WallPaper Installation!
Repairing loose or curling wallpaper seams has to rank as one of the most frequently avoided repairs. Why? Because most home do-it-yourselfers who have attempted this repair have been unsatisfied with the results. But never fear… you can do it with the award-winning help of the WallPaper Installation!

The WallPaper Installations is offers spectacular Texture Repairs!

Our texture repair is a specialty of the WallPaper Installation, who has over twenty years experience specializing in the repair of damaged texture.
Texture matches make it almost impossible to notice grain repair. Our constant attention to detail and communication with customers sets us apart from all others.
Quality workmanship along with speedy delivery, assures your wall texture will be returned to a normal condition with little down time for our customers.
On-site texture repair is a specialty. Our technicians are capable of on-site texture repair from start to finish. You are in good hands with the WallPaper Installation!